As the only Subscription Based Spend Optimization Management & Negotiation Advisory of IT related assets representing the end-user community, companies now have access to an affordable best-practices solution when it comes to reigning in IT spend. LAAMB provides expertise of current and former industry insiders when it's time to sit at the negotiation table with IT vendors. With strategic alliance partners throughout the industry, detailed benchmarking and peer analysis of thousands of corporate technology users, and extensive vendor audits at our disposal, LAAMB has developed a methodology that can deliver consistent winning results in reducing IT spend from 5-40%!

  • LAAMB offers services that relate to the negotiation or renegotiation of fees associated with technology agreements between you and your IT vendor.
  • Guaranteed Returns on investment of up to 900%.
  • We've developed solid Partner relationships with organizations providing assistance in the drafting of amended terms and conditions where necessary.
  • Pre screened partner solutions that will reduce shipping and parcel costs with UPS & FedEx.
  • Subscription Based solutions that streamline transactions and negotiation processes with vendors; providing optimum savings and minimized financial risks.
  • One of the few firms that will sit at the negotiation table; either with our clients, or as an Authorized agent on their behalf.
  • Consultation without conflict- We do not sell products; nor do we accept compensation by any party for the sale or brokering of any product or service.
  • Corporate Consumer Advocate consultancy helmed by a leadership team with a proven track record spanning many years.

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* Savings based on $45,000 annual salaried employee with benefits
** See Subscription Pricing for minimum contract details

EXPERIENCE- While we're sure your procurement and contract negotiation staff is very good at what they do, the average Enterprise company negotiates 20-50 contracts annually, even less for small to medium sized organizations. LAAMB's staff has negotiated thousands! We know how vendors think, work, and negotiate. And equally important, we're intimately familiar with the IT vendor's revenue recognition requirements and how to navigate the maze created by the vendor's own internal competing departments.

How can LAAMB help your company

What does it mean to partner with a reputable Spend Management firm?

  • Proven IT cost reduction solutions
  • Measurable & forecastable results
  • Material improvements to the corporate bottom line
  • Increased Capital for current or new projects
  • Reinstatement of projects put on the back-burner due to funding
  • The means to keep competitive in the respective market(s)
  • Savings that provide needed resources for the latest technologies
  • Necessary funding to hire and keep the best talent
  • Improves vendor relationships
  • Reduces the risk of vendor relationship strain
  • Allows for re-allocation of internal resources
  • A better structured licensing (vendor) deal overall
  • Ability to leverage our insight and competitor pricing visibility
  • Long-term reduction of infrastructure expenditures
  • Reduction in allocated maintenance & support dollars
  • Average minimum savings of 20 - 40%
  • And so much more... CLICK HERE to set up no obligation discussion about our consultancy and to find out how LAAMB can help your company level the playing field with IT vendors.