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The reliance on externally procured resources to implement most technology is virtually a given; Accepting a one size fits all approach to costing certainly doesn't have to be.

Corporations look to IT & supply chain management to ensure value is received for each dollar spent in service contracts, just as in commodity procurement. However, procurement of services is distinctly different from the procurement of goods. And employing the expert services of a qualified Spend Management and Negotiation Advisory consultancy can bring strategic negotiation strategies on how to negotiate all types of service contracts. LAAMB’s Services negotiation brings with it a methodology used to identify price components to help companies understand how the bill rate is compiled, and what points to negotiate.

Over the past several years, purchasing departments have increasingly expanded their processes previously focused on strictly procuring goods to those associated with procuring services. They select a service provider; draft a contract; write a statement of work; and manage the service agreement. Service contract providers quote by billable hourly rate, flat rate, time and materials, cost plus, etc. But, what is the “right” price? LAAMB brings to the negotiation table a price analysis methodology and a strategic negotiation strategy on how to negotiate service contracts, thus creating an environment with potential to save your company thousands of dollars.

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