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Maintenance Brokers

Looking for ways of improving your company's bottom line without cutting back on new technology? Look no further than your existing annual Maintenance & Support agreements.

More often than not, when corporations are looking to save money on IT related expenditures, the acquisition of new hardware, software, and even mobile devices are the ones that filter their way to the top of the chopping block. However, at LAAMB, we've found some of the fastest ways to free up budget and benefit your company with real year-over-year savings, is to have a thorough review of a company's existing annual maintenance & support agreements.

Possessing a thorough understanding of how IT vendors recognize revenues as it relates to on-going maintenance & support has the potential to save your company thousands of dollars annually during a product lifecycle. Additionally, knowing how to navigate the maze of the approval process created by those same vendors in regards to annual renewable agreements, will not only save your company substantial revenues on support, but can also speed up the process of insuring your critical business systems have the support required, and the latest updates and bug patches that will allow your company to maximize your return on investment.

Having a partner that can unravel these concepts from an 'insiders' perspective will not only produce a more streamlined procurement process with your technology partners, but should all but eliminate the inevitable vendor relationship strain typically associated with contract negotiations and annual renewals.

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