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License Services

We help you negotiate or renegotiate your IT Software agreements to save your company 5 to 40% of your overall software spend.

Your Hardware, Software, and Mobile Application's can represent thousands (even millions) of dollars in annual IT spend. And with most companies, IT related expenditures make up roughly 30-40% of their overall IT budget; making IT the second or third largest budgeted line item company wide. Then why are IT related items typically the most mismanaged assets within the corporate enterprise? In a word... WASTE!

In many companies, that waste is widespread between mediocre negotiation, over purchasing, poor license management, and limited views into their own environment; much less any visibility at all into peer benchmarking statistics or vendor audits relating to pricing and terms. That's where LAAMB's Subscription Based Services come in. LAAMB's consultants are experts at software license negotiations; and equally as important, understand licensing structure, vendor methods of framing, and the revenue recognition requirements of most major vendors.

LAAMB Provides the expertise to save you time and money while helping your company avoid the unnecessary risk of vendor relationship strain; evident throughout the process of fragile contract negotiations. We’ve negotiated thousands of IT license agreements, and have been instrumental in reducing licensing costs and related fees in some cases in excess of 40%.

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