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Need to Assign software rights to another company? Have you been Audited by your IT vendor? Anticipating (or fearing) a substantial fee from either

Negotiating compliance and rights-of-use related agreements can be difficult for two primary reasons — the increased complexity of contract language as it relates to companies rights before and after purchase, and the lack of expertise and familiarity with IT vendors methods of negotiation and revenue recognition.

Experts tell us that small to medium IT departments manage between 5 to 25 IT related agreements annually, and larger enterprise software customers manage upwards of 50 or more on an annual basis; all of which will require renegotiation and renewal at various times throughout a company’s fiscal year. When software licensing involves multi-users, multi-facility with enterprise implications, transaction based components, include processor restrictions, and the options of concurrent user or named user constraints, management headaches and the risk of corporate overpayment mount.

Equally as frustrating, if you're like many IT managers, you may make software purchase and renewal decisions by relying on information you currently have available regarding terms and pricing of previous purchases. While this approach has served a purpose, in real-world terms it falls short of what today's cost-conscious businesses should be doing. Without a strategic partner with detailed peer benchmarking and vendor audit statistics availability, the fees associated with your IT agreements can easily be taken for granted and can cost your company substantially.

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