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As business grows, so does the need for expanded IT. From costs relating to CPU upgrades, broadening the scope of an existing SLA, to taking a leap into the Cloud, more than ever, companies need a Spend Management partner.

The increasing complexity of IT related agreements bears out the necessity of organizations to contract with domain specific license experts. In an ideal world, companies could rely on legacy data and continue down the same old procurement path. However, today's complicated environments has all but made the relevance of Spend Management and Negotiation Advisory essential when faced with managing multiple contracts with multiple vendors. And in some cases for multiple millions of dollars. LAAMB's consultancy specializes in the negotiation of, and takes a strategic approach to, IT contract negotiations. This allows our clients to not only save money on everything from addendum's for added users, but substantial savings as it relates to SaaS and Cloud model contracts and fees associated with contractual CPU Tier upgrade and refresh limitations.

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Here's a snapshot of some of the additional benefits our clients enjoy;