LAAMB Financial Group is a monthly subscription-based Spend/Value Management and Negotiation Advisory. We offer comprehensive 'at-the-table' representation of former and current technology industry insiders in the negotiation and procurement of all IT related goods and services offered to corporate end users.

So why does Spend & Value Management with a strong ROI component work? Simple! Because a dollar not spent is equal to better than three dollars earned! When you save a dollar, there is little if any remuneration in securing those savings. Conversely, for each dollar earned, a portion is allocated to taxes, payroll, and other work related expenses. Consider these factors when contemplating Spend Management services;

Benefits of Outsourced Cost Reduction vs. Internal Revenue Generation
TIME - Unless your profit margins are 100%, you are trading employee's time for money.
TAXES - Each additional dollar earned is taxed at your prevailing marginal tax rate.
INFLATION - Money not spent can yield an additional 10%+ saving over a five (5) year period.
EXPENSES - Savings don't require allocations for traditional business expenses such as; cost of goods, capital expenditures, employee salaries and benefits, etc.

Our consultancy provides the expertise and experience of seasoned consultants and a leadership team with over 100 years combined contract negotiation and industry knowledge. Our process results in substantial savings in the acquisition of corporate Information Technology hardware, software and mobile assets, as well as significant savings on annual renewable agreements, professional services, training, and on-going maintenance & support commitments. In addition, LAAMB's consultancy can assist in the reduction of fees associated with any type of compliance audit violations, and can provide direction and savings for pre and post assignment rights-of-use negotiations with all information technology providers.

Savings vs Sales Calculator
Actual Employer costs per hour worked for employee compensation in private industry as of December 2011 - Geographic Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics compared to LAAMB-lite annual subscription