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The LAAMB Difference

What makes LAAMB different from other Spend Management and Contract Negotiation services providers?

That’s easy… LAAMB Consulting Services LLC is the ONLY Subscription Based provider of information technology Spend/Value Management & Contract Negotiations available today. We’ve developed a win/win contract negotiation methodology that not only levels the playing field between the technology end-user community and IT vendors, but in many cases can tilt the negotiation table to the side favoring our clients.
*See Subscription Pricing for additional information terms & conditions.

How many years experience does LAAMB Consulting bring to the negotiation table?

With over 75 years combined IT contract negotiation experience, LAAMB analysts and consultants have negotiated thousands of agreements successfully for the IT vendor community. LAAMB’s founder, executive staff and entire team of analysts understands the industry from an “insiders” perspective and can bring that expertise as representation to YOU, the end user.

What does LAAMB stand for?

Pronounced [l•a•m], LAAMB is an acronym for the following;
“L icense Audit Assignment Maintenance Brokers”
Meaning: If there is an existing, new, or pending Information Technology agreement on the horizon, LAAMB's Consultancy can negotiate or re-negotiate on your behalf, and can typically save your company between 20-40% off proposed vendor value.

Does LAAMB negotiate contracts outside the scope of IT?

NO. LAAMB's expertise lies in the negotiation or re-negotiation of IT related vendor agreements. And because our efforts are solely fixed on your IT agreements, there is no dilution of effort negotiating Transportation, Shipping, Office supply or even Pest Control contracts. 100% of our time is focused on saving our clients money on their IT expenses, not in trying to up-sell your company on additional services. However, we have solid business relationships with companies providing specialized focus in those areas should the need arise. Ask your business consultant for details.

Our in-house staff of Purchasing Agents, IT Department, Procurement, and Operations Managers handle all the vendor negotiations. Why do we need LAAMB?

Simple, LAAMB's staff has the experience and expertise of reviewing and negotiating thousands of IT related vendor agreements. Allowing your company to leverage our detailed analysis of peer benchmarking and vendor audits will insure best-in-class pricing and long term structure of IT assets.

Administrative Questions

Why do you require name, company name, corporate email and a phone number to access additional details about your services?

The business consultancy arena is a highly competitive and very sensitive playing field. LAAMB’s requirement for corporate information as a pre-requisite to broader access of our site is as much of a security precaution for our customers as it is for LAAMB. By requiring interested parties to answer a few basic questions, LAAMB can instantly determine if the information provided is from a potential client, a software vendor leveraging information to learn about our services, or a competing consultancy attempting to gain access for client phishing or competitive reasons.

How can we enter into an agreement with LAAMB Consulting?

Click on the 'Contact us' link at the top of any page. Complete the Contact Form with the requested information and a LAAMB Analyst will follow up within 24 hours to discuss our services in greater detail and assist you with determining the best possible solution fit for your company needs.

When will my services begin?

Within 24 hours of receiving the counter-signed services agreement from LAAMB and your payment method has been approved, your company’s designated representative will be contacted by a LAAMB account administrator to set up your personalized and secure portal, provide details as to how to set up your company’s account name and secure password, and give instructions on how to upload the agreements you wish LAAMB to negotiate on your behalf. With email permission and upon receipt of a signed 'Vendor Authorization to Discolse', LAAMB will begin contacting the associated vendors within 72 hours of your designated representative receiving an email verification receipt of a successful upload.

Information & Site Security

How secure is your site in regards to protecting the information my company may provide to LAAMB Consulting Services?

Again, security and privacy are of the utmost importance. Please click on the following links for additional details regarding LAAMB Consulting Services Security and Privacy Policies.

Services Offered

What types of services does LAAMB Consulting offer?

We offer subscription based Spend & Value Management and contract negotiation services for all types of contracts and agreements within Information Technology. Consisting of but not limited to; New License Agreements, Existing Licenses Agreement re-negotiation, Maintenance & Support Contracts, Audit and Compliance negotiation, as well as Assignment Rights of Use Agreements, Training, and more.

Do you provide services for companies with corporate offices outside the United States?

Yes & No. Along with providing consulting services for US based companies, we are also equipped to provide consulting services in Canada and South America with French and Spanish speaking analysts and consultants.

What Types of Payments Do You Accept

What options does a company have to pay for LAAMB services?

To keep our administrative cost in line with our philosophy of providing BEST IN CLASS services at the LOWEST possible investment commitment from our clients, we purposefully have designed a payment and billing solution that affords our clients to engage with LAAMB’s services via the following methods;
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. In addition we will accept a corporate check via ACH debit.
Please contact us at billing@laambconsulting.com for additional information regarding monthly payment sloutions and/or monthly paper billing statement requests.

Do you store credit card or ACH checking information?

No. LAAMB does not have access to your credit card or checking information. We have contracted with American Express Accept Pay to process all payment transactions. You card/checking information is stored by Physical Security (24/7/365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls, etc) and Network security (encryption and intrusion detection & prevention), employed by American Express.

Contact LAAMB Consulting Services LLC

How can we contact LAAMB Consulting Services LLC?

Simply click the 'Contact us' button at the top of any of our site pages to be directed to our mailing address and phone number. However, the best way to ensure you reach the correct department and/or personnel, we recommend you complete the “Contact Form” provided on the Contact Us page and we will have the appropriate regionalized analyst contact you within 24 hours.

Why Doesn’t LAAMB Provide References

Does LAAMB Consulting provide references?

No. Taking into consideration the sensitive nature of what we do, LAAMB management has opted not to provide references for two very distinct reasons.
1) For the privacy and security of you, our client; We do not feel it is in the best interest for you to disclose sensitive information regarding the status, value, discounts, or vendor of your confidential agreements with any other business, much less one for someone else’s personal gain.
2) For the privacy and security of LAAMB Consulting Services. The key benefit we bring to the negotiation table for our clients is that of industry insider information. From a pure business perspective, we cannot jeopardize that tactical advantage by running the risk of an employee (yours or ours) notifying a vendor of our solutions and negotiation tactics.
Additionally, we feel strongly about our services and guarantee of results. And although we will NEVER ask you to field a reference phone call on our behalf, your voluntary recommendation to other business leaders is always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

What Are Your Fees For Services

How are subscription fees for LAAMB services determined?

Click on the SUBSCRIPTION PRICING menu tab for complete pricing details. If access is not permitted, click the LAAMB logo at the top of any page, complete the 'Request More Information' questionnaire and upon approval your company will be issued personal log in credentials. A company representative will follow up within 24 hours to answer any questions.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

LAAMB's monthly recurring subscription payments may be cancelled at any time provided written notice is received no less than thirty (30) days prior to your company's next scheduled billing date. Written notice should be sent to;
LAAMB Consulting Services LLC
10940 S. Parker Rd. Suite 228
Parker, CO 80134
Cancelation of subscription will result in a forfeiture of any previously paid subscription fees and/or performance fees, and will automatically nullify any mutually agreed upon or discussed returns on monthly investment in LAAMB's consulting services. Cancellation will become effective on the next billing cycle scheduled payment date after thirty (30) day cancellation period has lapsed. However, cancellation of LAAMB's subscription services DOES NOT void any payment arrangements agreed upon relating to Performance Fees owed to LAAMB Consulting Services for services rendered on current or previously negotiated contracts associated with their original subscription and will still be subject to payment and collection. Should clients wish to cancel Subscription services, any future payments relating to Performance Fees MUST be paid by corporate check via ACH debit and NOT with a Corporate/Personal Credit or debit card.

How Is Your Billing Processed

Who processes your online billing and is it safe?

Security is of the utmost importance to LAAMB Consulting. It is for that reason we contracted with American Express Accept Pay, one of the most security conscious companies on the planet. American Express will processes ALL online payments and recurring billing cycles for our clients. ALL information is securely stored with 1024-bit encryption and SSL protection. Additionally, we employ AVS, Secure Data Storage, Certified PCI Compliance, and Fraud Prevention modules to ensure secure transactions.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. In addition we will accept a corporate check via ACH debit. Hard copy checks are also accepted with paper invoicing for an additional fee. Ask your consultant for details.

Do you provide traditional paper invoice style billing?

Yes. However, we believe a more streamlined approach to billing via electronic methods is not only more cost effective, but also less time consuming and more convenient for our clients. Unless requested, ALL clients receive our electronic invoicing.

Will we receive payment verification notices?

Yes. Your designated company representative(s) will receive an email notification immediately upon successful processing of all payments processed by LAAMB

Do you store credit card and/or ACH checking information?

No. LAAMB does not have access to your credit card or checking information. We have contracted with American Express Accept Pay to process all payment transactions. You card/checking information is stored by Physical Security (24/7/365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls, etc) and Network security (encryption and intrusion detection & prevention), employed by American Express.

Learn About Our Staff

Who is behind the formation of LAAMB as a company?

Please visit our About Us page for complete details.

What is The Process of Getting Started

Should our company wish to enter into an agreement, what can we expect from on on-boarding process into the LAAMB system?

After a company has been given login credentials and has decided to move forward with LAAMB's subscription services, the entire process to integrate a new client into the LAAMB Consulting Services family is approximately 5 business days. Much of this time is spent setting up the secure designated portal that will be the repository for your uploaded agreements/contracts and act as a collaborative forum between your company’s designated representative and LAAMB Consultants.