About us

About us

Our Mission

Striving to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect, LAAMB’s mission is to use our extensive IT and industry “insider” expertise in the ethical representation of our clients. To deliver tangible results thru the use of our exclusive subscription based services. And to obligate ourselves in the delivery of significant ROI to our clients unmatched in the industry.

LAAMB's Commitment

LAAMB’s pledge to provide an unwavering commitment to our clients’ confidentiality and long-term partnership is evident in a philosophy built on four pillars of core principles.

  • NO CONFLICTS: We will NEVER represent or negotiate on behalf of ANY technology vendor or re-seller. And we will NEVER accept any spiff, compensation, gratuity or gifts from them either. PERIOD!
  • SECURITY: Each client receives a dedicated IP address with SSL Certification and Secure FTP document upload capabilities, to which only LAAMB authorized users and your designated representative have access. Information is NEVER shared with a third party.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: In many cases, it’s the behind the scenes technology driving a business that separates one company’s success from another’s failure. The contracts, vendors, fees, and terms of ANY of your IT agreements, as well as revenues or corporate information we may become privy to as a trusted partner, will be held in the strictest of confidence. We will NEVER discuss, share, or allude to ANYTHING confidential relating to your business. And although referrals are always welcomed, and much appreciated, your confidentiality is such a concern for the entire LAAMB staff, no one will EVER ask you to field a reference call on our behalf.
  • DELIVERY: We are committed to delivering the following to each and every client who puts their trust in LAAMB’s consultancy;
    - Integrity in all negotiations performed on your behalf
    - Unrivaled customer service
    - Significant returns on investment

We fully understand a collapse in one pillar could jeopardize your business and the valued trust you have placed in our consultancy. Every decision we make puts equal stock into all four core-principles, and we are committed to honoring those obligations with each and every client that chooses LAAMB as a trusted advisor and partner.

Our Approach

  • PEOPLE: With an average of 27 years (each) software sales/sales management and IT negotiation experience, and a combined 100 plus years expertise in the IT arena, our “Insider round-table” team-based approach allows us to provide our clients results and customer service unmatched in the industry.
  • PROCESS: Our methodology will strengthen vendor relationships, improve internal communication, streamline the purchase of new IT technologies, reduce the fees associated with contract renewals, addendums for existing agreements, professional services engagements, and on-going maintenance & support agreements.
  • RESULTS: With our exclusive Subscription based Services producing an average ROI between 300-700+%, YOU, our client, can rest comfortably with your decision in partnering with LAAMB’s consultancy, thus affording you the opportunity to tend to what matters most, growing your business.
  • *See Subscription Pricing tab for complete fee and typical return on investment details.

Executive Leadership

LAAMB’s leadership consists of three senior executives and a “round-table” discovery team of varying histories, backgrounds, and roles with numerous Information Technology heavyweights; IBM, Computer Associates (CA), SAP, Oracle, Infor Global, ADP, EMC, and Microsoft to name a few. Utilizing detailed analysis through peer benchmarking and comprehensive vendor/supplier audits, LAAMB’s Spend & Value Management methodology and leadership team brings to the negotiation table combined experience tenure of over 100 years; and the LAAMB “round-table” approach to evaluating cost strategies, and implementing the most advantageous course of negotiation, is as unique and powerful a methodology as it is successful in its delivery of substantial returns on investment.